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Kids Guitar Lessons - Old MacDonald Had a Farm...

About This Lesson:
More of the same for the most part this week. Just about every kid and adult knows this song very well and that is an important factor in our first few months of teaching these lessons. Let’s learn the familiar “Old Favorites” and have some real fun with the guitar. This will spike your kids’ interest and hopefully keep it spiked for a long time.
Also this allows us to slip in some theory, under the radar, because that is required for the proper playing of this and future songs. This song is played mostly on the Treble Strings, but we do dip down into the Bass Strings a bit as well.

Learning Points:

Quarter Notes:
Most of this song is written in quarter notes. Each Quarter Note receives one beat of time. If you tap your foot, you play one Quarter Note every time you foot taps the floor. Quarter Notes have a solid black head and a stem.

Half Notes:
There are a few half notes in the song. Give them 2 beats each, or 2 foot taps. Pick the note on the first beat and let it ring for the second beat. Half notes are easy to spot – they have an open head and a stem.

Whole Notes:
There is just one Whole Note in the song, at the very end of the song or the last measure. Give it 4 beats, or 4 foot taps. Pick the note on the first beat and let it ring for the three additional beats for a total of (4). Whole notes are easy to spot – they have an open head and no stem.

Dotted Half Notes:
OK – This is brand new. Notice the dotted half note in the song. The notes are on the 4th and the 8th measures of the song. The half note gets 2 beats. The dot adds 50% more or one more beat for a total of 3 beats for a dotted half note.

About the Tab Notes:
All the timing is shown just below the upper staffs. There is 4 beats per measure and Quarter Notes receive that beat 4/4 time. Pay close attention to the dotted half notes in the 4th and 8th measures and be sure to give each of these notes 3 beats.

Articles You Should Read:
How to Read TAB
Notes on the Treble Strings: Review your notes, fingering etc.
Dotted Notes: Read and understand how they appear and what the dot does to the note it is with.
Proper Left Hand Position: Note how your hand is positioned on the neck. Keep your fingers right behind the fret.
How to Hold the Guitar Pick: This is becoming much more important now that we are getting some experiece.

Music Theory You Should Know:
Music Staff
Quarter Notes
Half Notes
Whole Notes
Dotted Notes
Treble Clef
TAB Staff

Songs in Downloadable Format:
If you have difficulty reading this score information, we have this score information available free of charge for you with an instant electronic download. Just click on the song title below and you will be taken to our secure server site. You will get a PDF file of the above score complete with the Tab Notes. Be sure to download Adobe Acrobat Reader v6.0 or above. This version will allow you to turn the Tab Layer on or off.
Also you will get the Guitar Pro file. You can download Guitar Pro and get a free trial so you can play along with this song in real time on your computer. If you upgrade to the full version of the song you will have a lot more features available to you.

Guitar Pro File

PDF File

To go to a listing of all of our free guitar lessons follow this link: Ultimate Kids Guitar Lessons

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