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Kids' Saving Tip

This tip came in from a great friend of mine.  She does this with her 7 year old and he loves it!

In order to start teaching money management and goodwill early, have children save money in 3 different jars or piggy banks labeled:  SAVE, GIVE, SPEND. The money is to be used accordingly.

Janis R.
I loved this idea, but I can't find a good break down. A friend (no longer in contact with her) said "tax" "long term saving" "short term saving" "free spend" for her jars. Tax was 10%, and supposedly went to "the cost of living" (actually she's putting it in a savings account for her) Long Term Savings (Don't remember %) was for the larger price tagged item. This would be video games for older kids, etc Short Term Savings (Don't remember %) was for the little stuff. McDonald's meal, etc Free Spend was the pocket change. Has anyone seen this - seen the breakdown of percentages?
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