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Kill a Watt Meter - Great Way to Teach Kids About...

You may have heard that anything you plug into an electrical outlet uses electricity whether it's in use or not.  I recently came across a really cool watt hour meter, called the Kill a Watt Meter, that you can use to test how much electricity any item in your house is using.

It's easy to use and a great way to figure out easy ways to save electricity in your house.  It's also a great way to teach kids about the cost of electricity. 

Here's how it works:

You simply plug the Kill a Watt Meter into an outlet in your home.  You then plug any electronic into the meter and it will tell you how many kWh the item is using.  If you enter your cost per kWh, which you can find on your electric bill, it will even tell you how much money each item is costing you on a yearly basis.  

It's very useful for knowing which items are worth unplugging completely when not in use!  I use mine to encourage my kids to turn off and unplug things that aren't being used.  My 8-year old gets to keep all of the money that she helps to save by turning off the surge strip that her TV and Playstation are attached to when they are not in use! 

The Kill a Watt Meter costs about $25, but if you use the information that you learn, you can easily save the cost of the meter and probably much more within the course of a year.  It's also a great educational tools for really opened my eyes too! 

Vicki K.
My llibrary in Melrose offeres these in kits to patrons to borrow. It's a wonderful service, and my whole family participated in using it.
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