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Kitchen Storage Solutions - 10 Tips To Get You...

Improving your kitchen storage is now very easy with the help of many available gadgets and speciality shelving units available on the market. You may be able to put off that dreaded kitchen remodeling project a bit more by following these improvement ideas and visiting a few web sites for ideas that will increase your kitchen storage capacity and kitchen organization.

  1.  Consider the addition of a pull-out waste bin beneath your kitchen sink cabinet. There are several options and sizes available. I prefer the multi-bin type which gives me several bins for recyclable materials such as cans, bottles,glass etc.
  2. Install side-mounted stainless steel or wooden slide-out storage shelves. These are available as either side-mounted or other models mount to the bottom of your cabinet.
  3. Install a lazy susan unit in a corner cabinet. These corners are often hard to reach and do not utilize space all that efficiently. The lazy susan will give you access to a greater amount of storage area.
  4. Kitchen organizers for drawers is an easy one, but there are several variations out there and some of them are very creative. For instance you can stack drawer organizers and have them slide past each other for more available storage.
  5. Put up a hanging cookware rack either on the wall on suspend from the ceiling. This will free up lots of drawer and cabinet space for other items and kitchen storage.
  6. Retrofit your blank drawer cover at your kitchen sink into a flip-out panel with space for sponges and other smaller easily accessible items.
  7. Mount storage racks to your base cabinet doors. These can be shallow shelves or spice racks.
  8. Add a stemware or wine rack to the bottom of an existing upper cabinet
  9. If you have an unused niche in your kitchen 16 to 18 inches deep and several feet wide consider building in sliding pantry units with adjustable shelving. This gives you an incredible about of kitchen storage that is easily accessible and can double your kitchen storage space.
  10. Add pull-out wire baskets or shelves to your base cabinets. Also consider sliding shelves for most-used appliances to get them off the countertops.

Any or all of these items can be used in most any kitchen and you will be amazed at how organized you will become. A couple of sites I would recommend visiting for the above accessories and much more would be:

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