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Knee Bouncers: Website for itty bitty ones

I'm astounded by the Knee Bouncers Website for our little ones.  Knowing that our toddlers LOVE to sit on our laps as we TRY to use the computer they designed a kid friendly website - with a simple tap of the key board magical things's so much fun - I must admit I had a ball!  This site will amaze you and delight the young ones in your home for sure!

From the website:

"Kneebouncers is a whole lotta fun. Games and activities to stimulate your baby or toddler. Colorful animated graphics combined with great sound effects, excite and entertain the ittiest of the bittiest. Kneebouncers is also educational. Your budding genius may even start to understand the cause and effect principle, but mostly they’ll just squeal with delight. So if you have a little one clamoring for the keyboard, plop them on your knee and let the bouncing begin!"

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Michelle W.
This site cost money
MaryAnn R.
This is a great site and I have already forwarded it to 3 friends
Thanks! This is a very cute site and appropriately titled!
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