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Kolcraft Recalls Play Yards Following Child's...

Kolcraft is recalling about 425,000 infant play yards following the death of a ten month old baby. The baby was in a Sesame Beginnings Play Yard, and was strangled on a changing table’s restraint strap that was dangling in the play yard. The recalled play yards all have raised changing tables with a restraint strap that forms a loop under the table, causing the hazard.

Additionally, one of the play yards, the Contours 3-in-1 play yard, has a raised cradle that rocks back and forth, and can trap a child against the side of the play yard, causing a potential suffocation hazard.

These play yards were sold nationwide from January 2001 through September 2007.

Please see the press release for model numbers and pictures. The play yards included in the recall are as follows:

  • Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot
  • Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot,
  • Sesame Beginnings
  • Jeep Sahara Play Yard
  • Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard

Consumers should immediately stop using the changing tables and rocking cradles, and contact Kolcraft for instructions on receiving a replacement strap and a repair kit to secure the base of the cradle. They should also immediately cut the strap on the changing table.
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