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Landscaping With Your Children

With kids staring either a computer screen or at the TV any way to get them outdoors can be a challenge. Landscaping and/or gardening with your childern can be an enriching and educational experience for them at least during the spring/summer/fall seasons. Try a few of these tips which will get you childern interested in working with and loving plants.

  • When a visit your local garden center take your children with you. Let them play an active role in plant and flower selection. Another way to get them involved is to let them have their own special section in the garden or landscape, select their own plants with your guidance and they will buy into the gardening chores much more enthuastically.
  • I would suguest that you start them off with either annuals, which show a lot of color or start them off with a small vegtable garden, whey they can actually eat the fruits of their labor.
  • Help them prepare the soil, add the fertilizer and explain to them that preparing the soil allows the tender roots to spread into the soil easier, brings oxygen to the roots and allows water to access the root structure.
  • Explain how to weed, what to weed and why we do it. Pay close attention at this stage so they can tell the difference between weeds and flowers. (This is much more challenging with vegtable seeds than with well-established annuals.
  • Next would be a watering exercise and show them how, when and why we water the plants, for how long and when to fertilize.
  • During the growing season, have them harvest vegtables for you to eat for an evening's dinner.

Vegtables I would suggest for starting kids out would be carrots, string beans, peas, tomatos and lettuce. By all means have them plant vegtables that they will eat so they can share in the bounty. When they eat that first mouthful of vegtables that they grew with their own hands or see the full bloom of annuals that they planted and cared for, both you and your childern will be very rewarded.

  • For additional green and eco-friendly green tips visit my blog at lilgreendress.

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