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Late Winter is Time to Sign Up for Farm Shares...

While it's hard to think about gardening and fresh fruits and vegetables in the dreary dead of winter, now is the time to sign up for farm shares. For those unfamiliar with this process, community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a way to buy local fresh produce, depending on what's in season. You buy a share, or half a share, in a particular farm during the late winter/early spring. This gives the farm enough money to buy seeds and equipment for the spring planting season.  Then, when harvest time comes around, you can pick up your basket of produce every week. The contents of the basket vary depending on the farm and what's ready for harvest.  The Salted Cod kept a blog last year detailing everything they got from their CSA at Parker Farm in Lunenburg, MA, and how they cooked it.  Some of the farms, like Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA, give you a discount if you agree to work for a few hours.  It's a great way for kids to see where their food comes from.  We signed up for half a share from Stillman's Farm this year. They also do a meat share with hormone-free meat and poultry. And finally, here is a USDA link to more CSA resources, including directories of CSAs near you.

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