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I am loving the information about how to put your financial life in order. This is for everybody, if you're broke you will be less broke quickly, and if you're not broke you will be wealthier quickly. If you do the work that is. I'm very much in agreement with Ramsey's (as well as Susie Orman's) message of no debt, paid out house, no credit card, emergency fund, etc. I love Ramsey's baby steps, which is so good since this stuff is not easy to go at it alone. He is soooo nice and funny, I just love listening to him. I've been trying to do a budget for years. It's not that I don't know how. It's just so painful. First, I feel like it should've been done so long ago and that so much money was wasted as a result, I don't want to face the fact. Second, I don't want to find out about all of the useless purchases that I've been making. Third... you get the picture. I can say though that I just started listening to his CDs, and am actually looking forward to doing the budget. A little bit.
There is a lot of content on the main page, so I picked this one page as an entry point.

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