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Lego Board Games Minotauer

Our family is big on Lego, and board games, so obviously we were intrigued by all the new Lego games. These are  LEGO Board Game that you create then play!  While at the Lego Conference in Boston this past September the boys had a chance to play some of the new Lego Board games especially Minotauer.  

The goal is to get your heroes to the center of the board first. But there are hedges and walls making a maze that you have to wade through. You roll the die and go that amount of spaces. If the die lands on black, then you can move the Minotaur 8 spaces, hopefully taking out one of your opponents and sending him back to start. If the die lands on grey, then you move a grey wall brick - you can block your opponents' path, or keep the Minotaur from reaching you.  It is a bit like the game Sorry  but created with Legos. What I appreciate the most about the game is that, Lego being Lego, they actively encourage you to modify the game. This applies to the rules as well as the board design itself. You are only limited by your imagination.

If your children, like Legos and are looking for a great Christmas gift I would highly recommend this one. The game is available at Amazon, Toys R US and many other retail stores.  

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