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Let Your Child Have a Pet

it's always a good idea to let your child have a pet of some kind.  even a goldfish teaches your child responsibility and how to care for something.  when you decide to take this step do some research.  do you live in apartment?  then you probably don't want to get a bouncy jack russel terrier or a saint bernard.  do you have young children?  stay away from german shepherds and very small dogs.  now, each animal's personality also depends on how it is raised, just like a child.  treat a rottweiler with love and affection and they will be a good dog.  same goes for cats.  kittens are adorable and don't require a lot of care.  cats do require a litterbox and it is always a good idea to make them indoor only.  kids will learn about death in time but they don't have to see fluffy get run over by a car.  ignore all the warnings about cats killing babies.  my son grew up with cats and one was very protective of him.  choose the animal with your child in mind, the child's temperment and age will play a big role in your final decision.  a pet is a good idea if you can have one.  a dog or a cat will be there when your child is feeling lonely or afraid.  sometimes the pet is the only one the child can talk to.  my son learned compassion with the cats.  be prepared for a little conflict at first.  both child and animal have to learn the boundaries.  it's a bit of work but well worth it.

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