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Lilly of LaVallee Crafts

This is an online store where you can buy and sell items that are hand made. The consigner gets 80% comission, which is an awesome rate. The owner of the store is easy to work with and very helpful in answering any questions raised. Hand made gifts are so fun to give and there is a good variety found here. Such items include: wreaths, hats, scarves, jewelery, gift cards, blankets, pillows, and much more. The store is fairly new, but it is growing. New things are added, so look back often.

So if you enjoying making things and always wanted an easy way to sell them at little cost, check this store out because there are no auctions or listing fees. Your art work can stay in the store as long as you want with no additional fees.Your artwork is professionally photographed, hence the owners getting 20% of the sale. She tries to get the full 100% of what you want. All selling policies are clearly explained on the site.So if you don't understand the full 100% you can read about it there or send a quick e-mail through the contact page to ask any questions. 

All types of art work are accepted providing that they are not religous or holiday related. 

The owner loves making things as well and has many of her own items for sale along with many other artists. So take a look at the store even if just for inspiration.

Hope you check out this very unique store for all things hand made.Have fun crafting and receiving hand made gifts.

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