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Linoleum Flooring - An Old Product Given New Life...

Linoleum flooring is a very old option in flooring that has been given new life in recent years. I remember crawling around on my parents linoleum kitchen floor to this day. But you know what? That old kitchen floor stood the test of time. It was down for 30 years before needing replacement and then came up quite easily and we could lay down the next generation of linoleum floors.

What is new and exciting about the next generation of linoleum flooring is its sustainable aspect, color availability and durability improvements. Linoleum flooring is made mostly from natural, raw products. Linseed oil, which comes from the Flax plant (which is the primary ingredient), and cork powder, ground limestone and resins.

Mineral pigments provide the rich colors and the materials are rolled out on to a durable jute backing and comes both as a sheet flooring product and in individual tiles. Thicknesses can vary but most common is 2.5 mm and the sheets are typically 2 meters in width or about 6'-7".

Things to keep in mind with linoleum flooring are:

  • Linoleum flooring is manufactured with a high-performance layer that protects the design, but the top layer must be sealed or polished to protect it from stains.
  • Linoleum flooring releases a harmless odor from the linseed oil that sometimes resembles fresh paint, but it has no harmful VOC's or volatile organic compounds.
  • The color cast of the tile or sheet goods can have a yellowish cast after exposure to natural lighting. Expose samples to a similar lighting condition prior to installation to make your final color selections.
  • Linoleum tiles are prone to warped or curled edges.
  • Linoleum quite often has a high percentage of recycled content.
  • Linoleum flooring is soft and is a very comfortable working and walking surface for high traffic home areas such as kitchens, children's play areas, workshops and utility rooms.
  • For additional green and eco-friendly green tips visit my blog at lilgreendress.
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