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List of Freebies

This annual list of freebies was put together by You will not find any junk on the list. What you will find is everything from financial management and planning  to entertainment and vacation freebies. Be sure to check out also the link on the bottom of the page where you will find even more freebies.

One of my favorite freebies, which I wasn't aware of until I saw it on the website, was free tour guides provided by the Global Greeter Network. The Global Greeter Network organizes volunteer in many cities around the world to show you around town and answer any questions that you might have. The tours can last several hours and are free of charge. There is also a strict no tipping policy. 

Another one of my favorite freebie is  a network where you can trade homes with someone who wants to visit your town. This is a great way to travel without having to pay for a place to stay! Some of the more popular websites include, and

One of my favorite other freebies is free directory assistance. Next time you need to find a number dial 1-800-GOOG-411, it will save you a dollar or two. Google's free directory assistance can provide you with a business phone number, however it doesn't offer residential listings. There is no ads to listen to.  If you chose to use 1-800-FREE-411 you can get a business and residential number, however there is a short ad that you have to listen to. 

Be sure to visit the website to check out for yourself these and many other great freebies!

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