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Listerine - It's More Than Just a Mouthwash

First of all, I have to admit that Listerine is a fantastic mouthwash. I had been having trouble with my gums and the dentist even started talking about the possibility of some serious dental work. But he suggested that first I try to rinse for two solid minutes twice a day for a of couple weeks to see if that would help, Well, it did. So thanks to that advice I just saved a lot of pain and money.  Since it was that good for my gums, I decided to see if it might have other positive applications. Well, apparently it's good for a lot of things, such as fungal infections, dandruff, deodorant, as an antiseptic, and clearing up various rashes and bug bites. It's also good for use as a cleaning disinfectant around the house. Now, I haven't tried all the suggestions, but I did google other links and most of them made the same claims. However, one did mention that for the listerine to be effective at curing toenail fungus, that you would need to soak your foot for at least half an hour a day for about a month, which is about when you would see a new healthy nail growing in. Then continue the treatment until the entire nail is new and fully grown. And since that sounded like an awfully long time to me, I found a suggestion that you can speed things up by making a mixture of half vinegar and half listerine. The article also said that prescriptions to treat this fungus can cost up to $8/day, so this could save you a lot of money.

Audra S.
It is also great to get the smell of urine out of a mattress. Spray listerine on the mattress then let it spray the Antimicrobial Febreeze (it is hard to find...Target carries it. It is in a dark blue bottle with an orange top). Alternate listerine and the febreeze a few times letting each dry in between. Works great!
Sue W.
I will definitely try this to get rid of a toenail fungus. Thanks for the tip!
Paige R.
I have also heard that you can spray the original formula on your clothes to repell mosquitoes.
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