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Little Einsteins

If you have not seen or heard of Little Einsteins, it's a 1/2 hour show on Playhouse Disney - geared mostly for toddler and preschool aged children.  As a parent, I think this show is wonderful!  I do not know any other shows out there that teach art history and music appreciation (if you know of any - please let me know!)  In every episode there is a featured work of art and its artist and a featured piece of classical music & its composer.  They incorporate the music and work of art into the episode.  Not only that, children are learning about different musical instruments and musical terms, like, forte, pianissimo, allegro, adagio, etc.  Just the other day my son and I were singing some songs and he yells out, "Forte Mommy!  Forte!"  As a former "band geek" this cartoon is just awesome and I'm so happy there is good tv out there for young kids. (Spongebob is forbidden in this household.)  Another thing Little Einsteins does is involve your child in the episode.  In order for Rocket to blast off, you have to yell "Pat, pat, pat..." while patting your legs and then throw your hands up in the air.  Leo will ask a question seemingly to your child and pause for the answer and reply something like "That's great" or "Me too."   It's a great cartoon for children, but the adults can learn from it too.

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