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Lollipop Flower Valentines: 3 Ways

Here are three cute and easy valentine craft ideas. They all make flowers with lollipops in the center and vary in degree of difficulty, but all are sweet and you can do any of them with kids. You also don't need many supplies.

The Lollipop Lily from Skip to my Lou is the easiest because it's a printable; just download the file, cut out the flower and leaf, and stick the lollipop through! You'll want to print the flowers on red or pink cardstock, and the leaves on green cardstock, for the best looking results.

The Friendship Blossoms from Family Fun take a little more time but are just as cute. With this craft, cut (or punch out) heart shapes, leaves, and small flower centers. You can use construction paper for this craft. The flower takes shape from three hearts that attach at the points. Just poke holes through the points of the hearts, the leaves and the flower centers, and push the lollipop through.

The Baking Cup Flower Valentines from Skip to my Lou take the most time and the most supplies, but they are worth it! Using six baking cups, you fold and punch them to make them look like a frilly flower. This craft also uses floral wire and green making tape to make the leaves. You end up with an impressive looking flower with a lollipop in the center.

Trudy P.
Really cute ideas. I wish I knew about them sooner
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