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Lonely Planet TRAVEL WITH CHILDREN Book Review...

Lonely Planet sent me their newly published 5th edition of their ‘Travel with Children: your complete resource’ book to review and and they were generous enough to give me one book to give away. At the end of this post, you will find how to get a chance to win that copy. If you are not the lucky winner, you can order it from my Amazon store.

What I Like About The Book

- You will find all the answers you need about traveling with children, really ALL! Starting from the regular: advices by children age, for special needs children, one-parent family, keeping children entertained while traveling, by holidays (camping, packages, etc) to the extras: attitudes towards breastfeeding, which places you better bring your own toilet paper!, moving abroad with children, volunteer and long term vacation. I have been thinking of volunteer vacation even before I had children and that got me a step closer to my goal.

- Strangely enough, it reads like a novel not like a traveling book. It is very pleasant and you enjoy going from one chapter to the other, learning about countries and travel possibilities. It really got me dreaming (and planning).

- They have a niceselection of TOP 10 in the world: top 10 beaches, outdoor adventures, camping holidays, city breaks. It can be very useful if you did not really know where to go (and that would be the case for me for a camping vacation!) or if you are attracted to a country but do not know where to start. And then off you go by continent with a nice selection of countries. There are some countries that I am not planning to visit in the near future but I could not keep reading!

- It is a mine of interesting websites like (hot ballooning information) or (safaris solutions) . I have always dreamed of doing a safari with the children at some point but found the idea a little daunting, well… not any more.

- You will read testimonies of families who have actually taken vacation with their children. It will be helpful for anyone who is afraid to take their little ones on vacation.

- I was particularly eager to review France, my native country and I was impressed by their selection. I have visited most of what they describe and I was happily surprised that they offer the canoeing on the Dordogne River. We did it with my children and it was a FUN experience. The Dordogne region is gorgeous but not a favorite destinations for Americans and I was glad that the guide would highlight it. I was also happy to find Carcassonne in the list, a fortified city in the South of France. It is a jewel.
I Missed

- seeing Spain in the list of European countries. I have visited the country with my children and was raised 20 minutes from it in the South of France and I believe it is a very kid friendly destination.  I contacted Lonely Planet who told me that choices had to be made (they are so many European countries worth visiting!) and Spain was taken off the list due to the distances between the main cities. I have to admit that they have a point. I took the bus from Madrid to Andalucía when I was living in Madrid (with no kids): it is a long drive with not much in the middle. Spain is working on developing their bullet trains network (the goal being to go from Amsterdam to Sevilla) so maybe in a few years, it can join the list.

- having a map of the countries with the localization of the cities they mention.

- seeing more photos but I have to admit that the photos they picked are beautiful , they showcase the children having fun and make you want to go so mission accomplished. I love photographs and I always want more.


I highly recommend it. It is a resource book, a reference book that covers all the ‘traveling with children’ topics and ideas. When you pick your country, you will need to do more research on the internet following the highlights of that country as stated in the book. However, it does not matter if you are traveling for the first time as a family or if you are a seasoned traveler, as I mentioned before, it reads like a novel, you will learn something new or like me, you will find answers for a project/travel that you have for the future.


Now the good part, tell me your favorite vacation memory with your child or as a child, which city or country captured your heart?. Post in the Comment field on MY BLOG ( and you could win a copy of the book ‘Travel with Children’. I will choose a winner on August 24th using

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