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Looking for a great Mother's Group? Join the North...

Join our Mother's Group and meet a great group of Mom's and kids. Here is a little about the group...(: North Shore Moms Meet Up Inc. :)

YES, thats right! INC.! We are registered as a non-profit corporation now!)

*Hi There!! Welcome to NSM's!This is a FUN group of moms with no dramamamas or clicks:) We are laid back and welcome anyone who wants to come out with the kiddos and play! We have playdates at ALL THE TIME, sometimes 2-3/day! We also have a Moms Night Out at least once a month(somtimes 2-3 times and have a BLAST!), SHOWS, Demos, Trips, Crafts, Themed PlayDates, Mini Photo Shoots, Discounts and SOOOO much more!! You wont believe how much stuff we DO!

*We like for everyone to feel comfortable dropping in and having some coffee and chatting somewhere with the kids, and most of all having a good time! Hanging out with friends and chatting about all the same stuff we are all going through keeps us sane and also helps us find the humor in things.

*So, if you would like to come out and play... What are you waiting for? Lets go! Hope to meet you soon!

Jen W.
Hi, I tried finding you on the Meetup website but did not have any luck. I also tried Googling you and none of the links work. Can you give me the proper link?
I wish you were around 7 years ago when I was desperate to find others to walk Crane's, take a stroll in Rockport or venture in to Boston! Great job!
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