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Looking to Adopt a Dog?

If you are looking to adopt a retriever, whether it be a Labrador, Golden or a retriever mix, please check out North East All Retreiver Rescue or otherwise known as NEARR.  The non-profit is run by volunteers and before we had our kids we were also volunteers as well.  Our second Labrador Retreiver is from NEARR and he is great.  All the info that you need to know is on the website.  Dogs are in actual homes of volunteers who foster these dogs until they find a forever home.  The foster families can a really good sense of how the dogs are in a home setting so the dogs are not sitting in a cage in a shelter.  Being in a foster home allows the dogs to adapt quicker once they find a forever home. The foster families gather as much info as they can about the dog's past.  Do not think that shelter dogs are the bad ones - most are are given up due to allergies in the family, divorce or just the plain old not enough time. It is a great feeling when you rescue a dog and give him or her a safe home and a better life.  Until you meet and do your research on the non-profit organization, keep an open mind to help a dog from NEARR or any other rescue organization.

Julie D.
NEARR is an awesome organization doing great work for the breed. Breed rescue is a great way to find a lovable, healthy, forever friend. You can visit a dozen breed rescue clubs at the Bay Colony Dog Show at the Bayside Expo in Boston Dec. 4-7, 2008 ( for details). Keep up your good work, NEARR!
Janet O.
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