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Luau Party - Get Down Like the Hawaiians

I live in Hawaii, where a luau party is going on almost all the time - but you don't have to live in paradise to enjoy a fun Hawaiian party!  They are relatively easy to plan and really shouldn't cost that much money!  

In Hawaii, a luau party is all about the food and the fellowship.  It's a time when friends and family can get together to eat, "talk story," and share music.  Plan your own party with this in mind.  

For your luau decorations, visit Oriental Trading Company online for palm trees, plates, leis, and lots of other fun stuff.  You can often find great decorations at WalMart or even your local dollar store. 

At a traditional luau party, food is what it's all about. The Hawaiians traditionally have a pig that was cooked in an emu - which is an underground oven. Chances are you don't have an emu at your place, but you get the idea. Traditional luaus also have macaroni salad, sweet bread, poi (taro), tossed salad, fish, and lots of other delightful foods. Plan your meal based on what you enjoy eating.  You don't have to eat what we do in Hawaii - chances are you won't be able to find some of it, like poi, in your neck of the woods anyway. Don't forget the tropical drinks - mai tai's are a staple! 

If you want to really go over the top, have some entertainment, or just have your guests bring a guitar or ukelele to play.  Enjoy spending time with close friends and family!

If your luau party is for a child, you may want to send party favors home with each guest. There are many things that you can buy for kids to take home.  Check your local store or Oriental Trading Company for lots of fun ideas. 

Cathy L.
Thank you for the info!!! I live in the main land but my husband is from HI and our child is turning one year old. For my son's first birthday party I really want to bring a sense of "home" for my husband and teach as much as I can about HI and the Hawaiian customs to our son. I really wish it was more convenient to get Hawaiian foods (ex...poi...shoyu...lop chong) We can get the Hawaiian sweet bread where we are now (kings I think its called)......I do have to say......I visited HI for three weeks and there is NOTHING like the hospitality of the Hawaiian people and the deliciousness of the food!!!!!
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