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Mad Math Worksheets: Make Your Own

Do you want to give your kids a little more math practice? Make your own math worksheets [and answer sheets!] at this great website from SuperKids.

Categories include:

  • Addition / Subtraction
  • Mixed Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication / Division
  • Order of Operations
  • Fractions / Percentages
  • Greater than / Less than
  • Odd or Even?
  • Rounding / Averages
  • Exponents / Factorials
  • Is It Prime? (tool)
  • Telling Time
Want more math practice? Try Math Fact Cafe, Mathcats, APlusMath, TutPup, BBC Math Games and Noetic Learning.
Don C.
Http:// and You can get access to some free worksheets or pay a nominal fee fr complete access. I use these sites often for my math classes. You can see free samples. Another site ( also paid ) is This site gives you free worksheets for EVERY subject including foreign languages. Again, you can search the site for free samples...
Regina S.
I'm trying to find pre-algebra worksheets for my 8th grader. Does anyone know a good web site?
Cora D.
Another good site is '('
Tigist A.
Very helpful sites, thank you all.
An A.
Where are the sheets. I cannot find them
Smrita G.
Hello all, There is one website ''. Try it. Also for writing improvement try
Erin M.
Another good site for Math Games, Check it out. Search by grade and skill.
Cathy M.
Just checked out this web site and another one recommended by a different member. Definitely like the other math worksheet creator! You need to check that one out!
As a math teacher, I LOVE the idea of parents working on basic skills at home. You go, Moms and Dads!!
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