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Magnificent Magna Tiles: Great Lego Alternative...

Magna Tiles are, by far, my four year old's favorite toy. We discovered them at her preschool and whenever they are "open" at school, she is there. So much so that we needed to go out and get some.

They are a really cool building toy that stick together with magnets. The magnets are inside the tiles, so no Magnetix-type swallowing worries. Very nifty building toy - available at Amazon, Magic Beans, Learning Express, Lakeshore Learning and other small toy stores.

Want more creative toy ideas? Try unique & Creative Coloring Books, Crayola's Color Wonder products, Roz Streeten's fill in coloring books, a super standing easel for kids, one stop craft projects in a box, no mess AquaDoodle and wonderful Wikki Stix.

Thanks! This idea just solved my gift dilemma! 10/8/08 .....And might I say, that after almost a year, these are still one of the most played with toys in my house. They are so versitile and the kids use them ALL the time. Thanks!!
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