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Make Your Bed Smell Good

I recently read somewhere, I forget where, that if you smell roses while you are sleeping, you have nicer dreams than if you smell rotten eggs. I've always had bad dreams and nightmares, so I dug out a bottle of linen spray I had purchased but never used. It happened to be rose petal fragrance, but I think any nice smell will do. Well, I think I've been having better dreams, but I'm positive that my bed and pillows smell lovely. When I crawl in after a long day, it is really pleasant to be surrounded by a lovely fragrance. Try it and let me know if it helps your dreams!

I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone's personal choices, but there is absolutely no credible scientific evidence that any fragrance of any kind is harmful to humans other than those who have asthma and/or allergies. There is no link to neurological disorders. If you are uncomfortable with artificial scents, don't use them, but they have NOT been scientifically shown to be harmful. Anyone can misinterpret a study or an article and make statistics play games. However, no scientific evidence exists to substantiate what Kelley B. said.
Tia R.
This is a very nice idea - but regarding what the other commenter said - maybe you could try some essential oil or cinnamon... or potpourri next to the bed. The essential oils are so "delicious" that you'd be sure to find one you love, and it only takes a tiny bit somewhere inconsipicuous to make a nice difference! Thanks for the idea!
Kelley B.
Just be informed about what you are exposing yourself to...did you know the artificial fragrances we have become so accustomed to have been proven to cause neurological damage? And these fragrances are in everything these days.
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