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Make Your Own Greeting Cards

I'm sort of a crafty kind of person and my kids really want to be too.  I'm sort of particular about letting them use my expensive craft items, so I'm always on the lookout for cute things that are made for kids.  They can't be too childish though or my kids won't use them!  Recently, I came across a Greeting Card Set that they can use to make their own cards. 

For about $14.00, or $0.68 a card, they can make 20 greeting cards.  The set also comes with 500 different cut-out shapes and a glue stick for them to make their creations. The best thing about this make your own greeting card kit is that the cut-out shapes actually come in a variety of different shapes.  It isn't like they are only stuck with hearts and flowers...they can actually use all the shapes to make their own pictures.  

The whole thing comes in a great cardboard case and it's the perfect thing to take in the car for long rides.  My daughter used her kit to make her Valentine's cards this year. She spent hours designing them for all the kids in her class based on what their personality and what they liked.  I just got a new kit in the mail last week so she can make her own birthday invitations.  

If you have a child that is interested in crafts at all, this make your own greeting card kit is the perfect item to add to their collection of craft supplies. For one, it's cheaper than buying cards at the store. It's also more personal and allows kids to explore their creativity. On top of that, friends and family love to get things that were made just for them.  

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