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Make Your Own Thank You Cards for Kids

Some friends of mine were complaining recently about how kids don't send thank you card anymore.  I'm glad to say that mine do...religiously.  Even better, I don't have to bug them about writing a thank you card since I started buying them the make your own thank you card kit. They actually ask me if they can make thank you cards for the silliest little things.  

At $1.26 a card, or just under $19 for 15 cards, it's cheaper than buying them at the store.The real benefit though is that the set comes with everything you need to make the cards - including the actual cards, envelopes, a glue stick, 600 cut-outs and even a book that helps them create the cards.  It's really fun for kids to do - it allows them to be creative with their cards and to personalize them for the person and or the occassion.  

Because the cut outs come in all kinds of shapes, the make your own thank you card kit can also be used for other events when you might need a card - such as a birthday, etc. The cards themselves come in different bright colors and my kids love choosing just the right color for whoever they are sending a card to.  

Last, the Thank You Note Kit comes in a well-made cardboard box so it's perfect for when you are on-the-go.  I always have at least one kit in the car when we travel because it's such a fun thing to do and with the glue stick, it's almost 100% mess free.  

When my kids make the cards, I always take out stickers and markers too so they can embellish the cards more if they want to - but the actual kit really does come with everything you need except for the pen to sign the cards.  

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