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Making a Special Child's Room

allow your child to help you decorate his or her room.  it's their space so it let it be their way.  paint the walls with washable paint or cover them with plain, thick white paper and let them have fun.  if they can draw or paint on the walls to make the space feel more like theirs they will be happier.  is your child afraid  of the dark?  put up "majic stars".  it worked great with my son.  just get a package of plastic glow in the dark stars and stick them to the walls with elmer's glue.  let your child help if they are old enough.  elmer's will hold them but not make a mess if you decide to take them down.  be creative.  put stars on the ceiling and walls, create constellations.  when the lights go out the stars will glow and your child will be so surprised that they won't fear the dark anymore.  it creates a feeling of safety and a feel of sleeping outdoors.  let your child get involved in decorating their room.  let them choose colors and other things.  you have final veto power.  if you let them make decisions about how their room will look they will also gain valuable decision making experience.  if you find a store that has one of the computer decorating programs then your child can see the final result.  make the child happy.  it's their room.  let it be their space.

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