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Making Signing Fun at the Supermarket

Make Signing With Your Baby Fun and Incorporate Signs Into Your Daily Routine: Signing in the Supermarket: 

Signing in the supermarket is a great way to practice signs with your baby especially mealtime signs and manner signs.  Your baby will be able to have your undivided attention as he or she will be belted and in the seated position, facing directly at you!  As you choose groceries like apples or cereal, you can sign to your baby.  It is a great time to ask questions such as “Should we buy apples today?”  Remember, that when asking this question, you should choose grocery products that your baby likes to eat when you begin this activity to keep your baby engaged. 

Bring along some snacks and books to keep your baby entertained during the hour needed to complete your grocery shopping.  Our board book Baby Signs Time to Eat!  is a great way to keep your baby engaged and to practice signs in the supermarket.  Signs in this board book include: eat, drink, more, milk, cereal, cheese, cracker, please, thank you and all done.  Using this book provides a visual for your baby and has pictures of babies which your baby will be delighted with! Teach your baby good manners by using the signs please and thank you when choosing grocery items. When your baby shakes  his or her head yes for wanting cereal or seems interested demonstrate the sign for please and thank you and say “Say thank you” or “Say please”.  

You know your baby and these are just a few suggestions for the supermarket.  Make your shopping trip fun by using your own ideas to practice signs and the event will go by smoothly and your baby will be thrilled to be able to help you with your grocery shopping.  

Email me with questions or ideas that you use with your baby at the supermarket so I can post them! 

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