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Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii

Mario Kart for Wii is a great multiplayer racing game for both boys and girls. The multiplayer feature is best for me since all three of my kids can play together at the same time. Variable difficulty levels make the game adaptable to the age appropriate capabilities of each of my kids. They can pick their favorite Mario character to compete as or they can race as themselves, via their Mii character. The many courses allow for a wide variety of racing environments and challenges. 

There’s a an online component too where players can visit the Mario Kart Channel to compete in tournaments, check rankings, see when their friends are playing and download ghost data

The game is fun and there’s virtually nothing in it a parent could object too, unless you have a thing about crushed bananas.  One feature I, selfishly, find very nice is the controls make sense to me. The Wii remote is, basically, on it’s side. You work it like a steering wheel with the gas and reverse, being separate buttons. When going over jumps, you shake the remote and your car will perform funky acrobatics that make you fly faster. Old foggies, like me, can join and enjoy the racing action too.

Mario Kart  Wii is available at Target, Toy R Us, Walmart and online at stores like for about $45-$50.  You can purchase additional wheels separate for $8,00. 

Brenda D.
My family will love this one....oooo yaaaaaaa
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