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Martin 000-Concert Acoustic Guitar Plans

000 Grand Concert Guitar Plans
Source: Guitar Plans

Have you ever wondered how to build a guitar. Well we have the answer as to how you can make your own guitar. If you are on this site, you are definitely interested in building a guitar or at least curious about it.

Here at Ultimate Guitar Building, check out our Plan Shop, where we have a growing variety of Guitar Building Plans available for your use in pursuing your passion so you CAN build your own guitar.

Not only will we supply you with the plans, but we will supply you with the knowledge on how best to build you next guitar. Check back often as we will be offering lots and lots of plans, jig and template plans and lots of tips and suggestions to keep you from making mistakes and saving lots of time.

000 Grand Concert or Parlor Guitar:
These Guitar Building Plans are for a 000 size or otherwise known as a Parlor or Concert Acoustic Guitar. It makes an ideal older child guitar and young teen guitar as the smaller size is easier for them to get a good grasp on the guitar.

The tone is not as “fat” as the dreadnought, which is shown on the plan below but it will give a well-balanced sound.

Great Fingerstyle and Flatpick Guitar:
This would make a great fingerstyle guitar as well as a flatpick guitar. You can alter the depth slightly to give the treble zones more boost and the de-emphasizing the bass a bit.

If you prefer there is a layout for a single cutaway for this guitar too. This plan has a 14 fret neck to the body and 25.4″(645.2mm) scale.

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