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Matching paint colors

Did you know that if you like a particular paint color by a company, that you don’t have to buy their paint to get the color?  I thought this might be helpful as a tip because I talk to a lot of people who don’t realize this fact.  So, if you like a Martha Stewart color, for example, you don’t have to buy the Martha Stewart paint in that color.  What you do is take a swatch of the color you like to a paint store that does matching, and they have a computer that analyzes the color and tells them what the formula is.  Then they can mix the color into whatever paint you would like.  So why is this important?  I have painted (almost) every room in my house with my husband, and found that not all paints are the same.  I have been consistently happy with Benjamin Moore paint, and I highly recommend it.  It goes on smoothly, the color is true, and it washes fairly well.  I have used other brands of paint, and the consistency is not the same.  They can drip, or the color can be blotchy.  If you need more proof, ask any painter what paint they use for inside rooms.  They all use Benjamin Moore.  So branch out when you are looking at paint swatches!  My favorite colors are by Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart, because the undertones are more interesting.  And look for a paint store that does color matching.  We use Johnson Paint Company in Waltham.

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