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Math Games the Kids Will Actually Beg You to Play...

This website has the funniest and most fun math games ever. You "win" fantastic prizes, which you can print out, such as a reversible cow suit with working udders, a full color map of the Antarctic (plain white sheet of paper) and a ton of sand.  The games have three difficulty levels and there are about 15 different skills to practice. They are really funny! The only request I have is if you live in the town where I teach, don't let your kids see this. I want them to be delighted and surprised when we do it in school!  For ages about 10 to about 16.

Ada D.
I can't afford the fee but my granddaughter really is improving using the worksheets.
Kathy P.
As a Math Coach, I found that there were quite a few worthy resources I could pass along to teachers. I liked several of the worksheets, though several could not be used in Florida Standards(Pounds, not dollars). But even those could be a nice teaching tool for introducing other monetary systems.
Janyce W.
Love it!
Our school has us playing on this BBC site for math...but didn't see this until you posted the tip!!! Many's great!
Daryenn C.
I love this tip
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