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Math Problem Explanation and Answers

Find answers to any math problem and the explanation of the problem on  If your student is struggling to find the correct answer or needs to know HOW to solve the problem, it is here.  I typed in 2^-3 and found out how to do 2 "to the power of" negative 3.  Who knew (well, maybe some, if not many of you did) that the answer would be 1/8?  My son had this problem in math and really had no idea how to do it.  Nor did I remember.

The site offers problem calculation for grades k-8 as well as higher math.  Categories include General Math, K-8 math, algebra, Plots and Geometry, Trigonomety and Calculus, as well as "other stuff." 

It is a free site by Discovery Education.  There is also a link on this site to Cosmeo, a fee for service site to look up problems and answers to questions in common textbooks used in school.

Jeanette E.
As soon as I can, I am going to get in touch with my daughter, whose 7th grade son just came home with a one-legged A. I really think that this site might help him...At least I HOPE so.
Nuria C.
Thanks, this site is great.
I am sorry. When I originally posted this, I had the WRONG math problem in there. I guess I was being hasty when posting this. It is corrected now. Thanks, King, for pointing it out.
King N.
Are you sure that 3^-8 is 1/8?
Click "read more" above to go to the website.
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