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Meal Ideas - Two Meals for Two Nights - Cook Once...

I don't enjoy cooking that much, but I really try to feed my family healthy and home-cooked food most of the time.  Anytime that I can cook once and create more than one meal, I'm a really happy camper.  One of my favorites is taco/burritos.  I get everything ready once and can use it for two meals in a hurry. 

Here's how:

Night One: Make everything you need for tacos, but make extra! This includes

~ Taco Meat

~ Spanish Rice

~ Refried Beans

~ Chopped Lettuce

~ Shredded Cheese

~ Any other taco toppings you use 

The trick is to make about double of what you'll use.  After dinner, take your leftover taco meat, spanish rice, and refried beans and throw them all into one large freezer bag or tupperware container.  Leftover lettuce and shredded cheese should be stored separately.  

Night Two: 

Get (or make) flour tortillas.  Add the leftover mixture from the night before to make burritos.  I always add lettuce to the burrito, but it's up to you.  I also add shredded cheese to the inside and the top of each burrito.  

Make or buy sauce to top your burritos and throw them in the oven at 350 for about a half an hour.  

Now you've got two meals and you only had to cook one time.  The first time that I made burritos my kids turned their noses up at me, but after they tried them, they were hooked and ask for them all the time.  It's so fast and easy...and tastes really great too!  

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