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Meal Tips for the Busy Family

I am the single mother of three, a daughter age 17, a son age 14 and a daughter age 5.  I work full time and I have returned to school to complete my Bachelor’s Degree. I take my classes online and I am enrolled in 10 credits.  (1 year left!)  We are also active in our church so getting nutritious meals on the table can be a challenge.  It’s so easy to go through the drive-thru.  One of things that help me to get meals on the table quickly is to do some of the meal preparation while I am putting away the groceries.  The one thing that I find is helpful is to pre-season the meats before I put them in the freezer.  For example I have started baking chicken more often instead of frying it so I will use some of the packaged seasonings like Herbs and Garlic or Teriyaki and after mixing it per package instructions I add it to the meat, Ziploc it and put it in the freezer.  When you take it out to prepare it is wonderfully seasoned and tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. 
One thing that I found when doing this is to add about ¼ cup of extra water to the mix before pouring it over the meat.  You can also do this with ribs and steaks that you are planning to grill later on.  I have also added Italian seasonings to ground beef to make meatballs for my spaghetti sauce.  Another good point about pre-seasoning your meats is when you have leftovers you can use the meats in a soup or make a pasta dish, add a salad, some fruits and bread for a whole new meal and the kids won’t realize its leftovers.  When I do this we eat more often at home and can save to go out for a restaurant meal.

Mary L.
Great idea! I'm going to use that! Thanks!
Nelda C.
Great idea! I often use the crock pot for a quick easy meal never thought of pre seasoning the meat! I will definately try this one.
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