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Milky Spore Grub Control - Prevents Moles in Your...

Milky Spore is a brand name for a product more technically called bacillus popilliae and is a non-toxic way to control, grubs, japanese beetles and moles in your lawn and garden areas. The grub is the larvae stage of the japanese beetle and feeds prolifically on your lawn root structure, causing those ugly circular dead areas in mid summer.

Milky spore is a dust that when ingested by the grub, infects the grub and they die, the grub releases billions of spores back into the soil, spreading the disease to succeeding generations of grubs.

Eventually all grubs will be dead and since they are the food source for moles, your mole problem will be eliminated as well. This treatment is my no means a quick fix for a severe mole problem and the quickest you will see results will be 2 weeks at the hottest part of summer, when grub activity is at its highest. Normally the treatment will take a full season, but will last 8 to 10 years before another treatment is necessary.

Other side benefits of this natural lawn treatment is you will minimize the japanese beetle population and all insect-eating song birds are unaffected by the dying grubs. This cannot be said for the quick-fix grub controls out there.

Milky Spore is best applied in late spring, early summer with a hand-held tube application tool, applying a dab of dust on a 36" grid over the entire surface of your lawn. Add a bit of water to get the process going and watch as your grub and mole problems disappear.

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