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Minimize the Crying While Bathing Your Infant

A recent infant bathing tip I learned about assists parents with minimizing the fussing and crying while still getting the job done. The "trick" is to wrap your baby up in either a baby robe or towel while bathing them.You keep your baby's body mostly covered while you wash the various body parts and pour the warm water on their body. You leave the towel/robe on until the end and then you transition baby into a dry towel when you are done. This helps baby feel secure and warm while you complete their bath. Baby baths don't require much water and you will find that their towel usually doesn't even get fully soaked - keeping them mostly warm and cozy throughout their bath. I would suggest this for those infants who are not too happy during bath time but if you already got a happy bather - don't mess with a good thing!

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