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Mom Corps: Part-time, Work-at-Home Positions

This site is geared towards professionals who have opted out of the traditional work environment.  The premise of Mom Corps is to provide job seekers the flexibility needed to maintain a life/work balance, while offering an untapped market to employers.   There are part-time, work-at-home positions listed by region and field of expertise.  There is no charge to review positions that are available in your area.  This site has potential for any mom who wants to use her skills, training and education to earn an income without feeling that she is doing so at the expense of her family. 

JB L., I'm so glad you took a look for your husband! One of the company managers told me that 90% of the candidates that utilize the site are women, but the company has also helped men and retirees find flexible work. I have no doubt anyone is welcome. I'm glad you didn't let the name deter you. I'd keep checking back!
Not to fault anyone, Austinmom, but my husband is a stay-at-home father and I clicked on this link hoping to see something he might find useful. In any event, thanks for posting it!
The name is not based on assumptions. The site's creator understands that all professionals desire some level of flexibility. However, the focus of this particular site is mothers. No one can fault a mother who faced and conquered work related challenges for creating a site that helps other mothers do the same.
That's a really interesting idea, although I have to admit that I wish they'd called it Parent Corps. Maybe not as catchy, but I hate the assumption that only mothers need flexibility from their employers.
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