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Mommy/Daddy Business Cards

Here's a cool way to share your contact info with other moms/dads & caregivers.  I love this idea. 

Have you ever been out at the playground and you meet a nice mom and your kids play well together and you want to exchange information?  Stop looking for a pen & paper (or the back of that napkin) and just hand over a personal business card!  They are really cute and you can choose from a whole bunch of designs.   Vistaprint (online) can make them for just $5.99 (25 cards or just $29.99 for 500) and they can be ready in about 3 days.

I don't even work at Vistaprint - I just think it's a really cool idea.  (I'm sure that there must be a ton of other places that do this as well.)

Lisa B.
I made magnetic ones for my sons to hand out to his friends at school so they could just stick it on the fridge and not have to hunt it down :-)
Ann K.
You can also make your own on your PC/Mac. Printshop or other card making software offer projects so you can make your own designs. You can by blank business cards in the office supply section of many stores and print them on your printer! Fun, easy and cheap. It also allows you to print as many as you want. (500 is a lot!)
Sonia W.
Wow! You know I have never had a problem with Vista print. Iím Independent Demonstrator of GOLD CANYON candles and I work from home. The only time I order from vista is when everything is free and only pays shipping. Plus, I can create my own design with them.
Rhonda G.
If you go to can get FREE Printable MOMMY cards.
Rebecca M.
I've looked at designing my own cards on VistaPrint, but was put off by the price of shipping. Per item, it's exorbitant! There are lots of programs available from Office Depot, Staples, etc. that you can use with your own printer to design cards not only for you, but your kids (and others) as well. Many of these programs offer designs for other items, too. Have fun! Rebecca
Dawn T.
I have used for many of their free items. I did the free business cards and of course I also got the other free stuff. Just paid shipping. If there is something I really want, I try to wait for the free shipping email too! You will get lots of emails from them too.
Cute Idea - Another place that prints business cards really cheap is Overnight Printing - they do a really good job and have a design feature so you can make your own cards. What a fun idea to make mommy cards! :)
Kristen S.
Be VERY careful of using Vistaprint. I ordered my daughter's birthday invitations there and ended up getting pushed in to some $15.95/month "club" which ended up costing me $70 before I was finally able to demand the cancellation. When I did a quick online search of this Vistaprint scam, I came up with hundreds of hits with other people complaining about the same scam!
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