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Monopoly Electronic Money Edition-great for Family...

Children have so many video games these days it is nice to sit down and play a fun board  game as a family.   While growing up   Monopoly was a favorite of my family  to play especially trying to buy Board walk and some of the other higher price properties.  Now you can create new memories with the children while playing the newest Monopoly electronic money edition!

Aside from the electronic banking, the basic rules of this game have not changed from the Monopoly everybody remembers. Tokens, houses, hotels, chance and community chest cards, cardboard property deeds - if you've played the classic version, you'll know how to play. The board is different in how it folds up in the box, but once you spread it out, it's the same.

The tokens have changed to be more updated-no more shoe or dog. . Instead of irons and racing cars, the tokens depict modern icons such as a Segway and a tin of Altoids. Instead of railroads, there are  major airports. The utilities are Internet service providers and cell phone services. Properties have also been updated - from the upscale blue Times Square to the economy purple Texas Stadium. In this game, you can go to jail for some current crimes identity theft or lose $1 million when a virus infects your computer network. And of course, property values are exponentially higher than in the original game.

The biggest  switch, of course, is the electronic banking. Each player starts with $15 million (compared t $1500 in older editions)  in their bank card account, There is no real money-counting educational value to the toy since it's just like using an ATM machine, more or less. You do have to do some math when deciding whether to buy a property or upgrade to more houses or hotels. The biggest  plus to this game is that you don't have the money all over the place and you don't have to count it out in the beginning or put it away at the end of the game.

If  you are looking to create the family board game night in your house, Monopoly electronic money addition a great game for all the children and adults in the home!  It is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon and many other retail toy stores for less than $25.

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