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Mouth-Watering Chicken Pot Pie

Anyone who lives within 30 minutes of Harrow's Chicken Pies already knows that a bite of this stuff is a little taste of heaven, but if you are not from around here, oh my goodness, you really need to come! People who hate chicken pie love it. People who grew up with their mom making the best chicken pie in the world love it. People who never tasted chicken pie before love it. I mean, it is absolutely incredible. Even the Phantom Gourmet called it the best chicken pie in New England.  I don't know what they put in there, but I know I want another piece!  You can buy pies frozen or fresh, ready to bake at home for about 1 hour, or you can call ahead and order your pie hot and ready to eat. There is a fruit and vegetable stand attached as well.

I'm still in search of a great chicken pot pie. The best I've had are homemade. John Harvard's Brew House used to have a decent one, much better than Harrow's, with an incredibly flaky crust. But over the years, I feel that the chicken meat has gotten drier and drier until I stopped ordering the gravy got blander. Maybe it's just me? 8)
Besides the great chicken pot pies is the gravy itself. I won't serve Thanksgiving dinner without a picking up a few quarts of turkey gravy from Harrows. I don't know what it is about it but it makes the dinner and I'm asked about it every year. Try it you too will be hooked!
I hate to be a meanie, but Harrow's is grade B. It commits the cardinal sin of chicken pot pie - dryness in the chicken meat. I don't know if it's just impossible to have moist chicken in a pot pie. The filling is a bit bland as well, and the crust is not that flaky. Maybe someone needs to start using dark chicken meat.
Nicole B.
There is a Harrows now in Medford on Mystic Ave. Same pies as the one in Reading.
Theresa P.
I hear that Harrow's chicken pies will soon be available in grocery stores .
Nicole B.
We love Harrows Chicken pot pies especially in the cooler fall and winter months. Such an easy yummy dinner. Harrows sells the best fresh rolls to go along with the pies.
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