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Moving Packing Tips

We moved a lot when I was a kid.  I remember my mom packing for our first move from Florida to Chicago. She painstakingly made lists of what she put in every single box and then marked each box with a number.  Of course, this was long before computers and spreadsheets, so she had a notebook that she wrote everything in.  I remember her carrying that notebook around with her like it was a precious gem. 

After seven or eight moves, my mom had learned a thing or two about making moving easy.  Here's the best moving packing tip that I've learned by watching my mom get ready to move from place to place - I hope it helps you the next time you move. 

Begin by buying packing tape in a multitude of colors. You can find packing tape in all kinds of colors including white, red, green, blue, pink, camoflauge, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.  Get a color for every room in your home.  

Now write down what color packing tape is being used for each room.  As you pack that room, seal each box with the corresponding packing tape.  

Sounds easy, right? It gets even easier.  Here's the next part of your moving tip:

After all of the boxes have been packed and closed with color-coded tape, take a few pieces of good sized cardboard.  Get out a Sharpie marker.  Now put a piece of each tape that you used and write next to it what room that the boxes should be placed in when they arrive at your new home.  

When you arrive at your new home, hopefully before you movers arrive, hang up your carboard that shows which color tape goes in each room. If you have multiple bedrooms or you think there may be confusion about what room is what, simply hang a piece of colored tape by the door that shows what boxes should go there. 

When the movers and anyone else helping you move arrives, they simply need to be directed to place the box in the room with the corresponding color.  Does it get any easier than that? 

Hope these moving packing tips help make your next move a little more simple! Now you've just got to find a good moving company. 

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