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My favorite place to take my son in Boston

My 17-month-old and I love to climb to the top of Peters Hill in the Arnold Arboretum. From my perspective, the view of the Boston skyline is spectacular. From his point-of-view, he always gets to meet a lot of other kids and dogs. We try to go at least once a week in the summer.

The accommodations on the hilltop are sparse. There are a few stone benches. But it’s a great place to rest on a walk. There is a little on-street parking at the Arboretum, but you’re often better off taking the T to Forest Hills or walking like we do if you live nearby. The Arboretum also hosts free walking tours and a bunch of other educational events.

The Arboretum is always spotless. There are trash and recycling barrels all over the place. I'm sure the previous poster (from 2 years back) did encounter beer bottles, but I've never seen it like that and wouldn't want anyone to think that you have to "be careful" which hill you climb. It's a wonderful park and very well managed, IMHO.
Al N.
There are two hills in the Arboretum. Peters hill has a road and is clean. The other hill is at the southern end. It's more "wild" with mostly pines. The top is rocky and STREWN WITH EMPTY BEER BOTTLES. Make sure you get the right hill.
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