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Many parents would agree that chores help kids understand the benefits of consistent work.

Do you find yourself having a hard time to get your kids to do their chores?

Have you tried printable chore charts, stickers, reward cards, but nothing seems to work? is the solution to your problem! My Job Chart is a free online chore chart. It teaches kids how to work in a fun way. Kids are motivated and inspired to complete their chores when they see their points adding up.

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Nim G.
This is a great tool in teaching children to work for goals to earn reward (kind of like I work to earn a paycheck) I set the goal of every 200 points earned they (twin girls) each earn a $20 certificate to a store of their choice or $20 towards a larger goal....if the goal is something over $100 I might offer to pay 40% once they earn the other 60%. The girls are excited about finding new ways to help out to maybe earn more points and I don't worry about texting me because believe me they are so exicted about their accomplishments I am hearing about it all the time. I out the responsibility on them- I don't bug them about helping out- I have my own chart and I let them see that I too earn points and rewards so if they don't keep up than guess what I am getting treated to the $20 rewards (:-) of course that usually goes right back into the household budget but they don't know that (wink, wink)- I just feel it is important especially today to teach children reward necessitates effort and that if you really want something you may have to work for it....
Kamilia J.
I have mixed emotins about this concept. on one hand i think it is nice to go green by using less paper. on the other hand this does not encourage communication, rather than talking to each other, the parent weill recieve a text when chores are completed.
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