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My Masterpiece: Wonderful for Kids Who Draw

I have a daughter that loves to draw.  No matter where we are, she's drawing.  She draws pictures on her folders, on scratch paper, in all her school notebooks, in all my notebooks, on restaurant napkins...EVERYWHERE!

For her birthday recently, my mom sent her a My Masterpiece set and it was the hit of her birthday. With this kit, she can draw a picture which we'll return to the company, where it will be turned into a real work of art.  For the cost of the kit, you can choose to have your child's art printed on a canvas like material or to have it printed and framed.  The My Masterpiece will be printed on either 11 X 14 paper or 32" X 24" paper depending on the type of finished product you choose, so it's perfect to hang on the wall.  

We went with the canvas option and they even print her name and the name of her piece, just like you see on a lot of professional art pieces.  

My daughter loves this thing - I have a funny feeling that we'll be purchasing lots more of these kits so we can cover our walls in her works of art. 

It's also important to note that if you already have a piece of art that your child has already drawn, you can likely send or create a copy of that work.  For budding graphic artists, the entire project can also be created online.  

You can also choose to have other items made from your child's artwork for an additional cost.  

I'm really enjoying seeing my kids get away from all of the video games and other toys that they spent so much time on to get more creative.  The My Masterpiece is great for all kids that love art.  

Sharon M.
I love to scan our childrens masterpieces and then print them out. Laminating completes it. Comes out beautiful! I do it 4 X 6 size or wallet size - so cute on top of their bureau, bookcase, window sill or whatever.
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