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My Rice Cooker Makes Me Look Like a Pro

There aren't many foods that everyone in my family enjoys.  Rice, however, is a favorite of everyone in my household.  Sadly for them, I can not cook rice to save my life.  The only type of rice that I can do a passable job of preparing is that instant variety that comes in a mesh bag and only needs to be thrown into a pot of boiling water.  Even that is usually lacking...

A few years ago, my husband suggested that I try a rice cooker.  Sick of only getting decent rice when we went out to eat, he thought that a rice cooker would be the solution to the "mom can't cook" dilemma.  Since I've had no luck with any method of cooking rice, I assumed that a rice cooker would just be a waste of money....

Last year I was at a friends home for dinner.  My friend, like me, isn't well known for her ability to cook, so I was amazed by the Spanish rice she served with dinner.  Lo and behold, she had made it with a rice cooker - the very same appliance that I'd told my husband would never work just the year before.  

The next week, my sweetheart came home with a brand new rice cooker and we've been enjoying rice ever since.  It's so easy to use that even a trained chimp (me!) can use it with perfect results.  I've graduated from white rice and am now making rice pilaf and Spanish rice using my little cooker.  

Seriously, if you love rice but can't cook it properly, consider adding a rice cooker to your line-up of kitchen accessories.  

Amazon has a great selection of Rice Cookers that range in style, size, and price.  

My only suggestion is to check out the rice cooker reviews to make sure that you are purchasing a quality model and to consider buying one that also has a steamer and/or slow cooker function.   My husband bought me the Krups Rice Cooker, which I really like because it comes with both a steamer and slow cooker function.  I've also always been impressed with Krups products.  

If you don't plan to use your rice cooker all the time, or don't want to spend $80 on a rice cooker, there are plenty of less expensive models to choose from.  

Jackie C.
My son bought me a rice cooker about 15 years ago and it is still cooking wonderful rice. I just got a book that tell you all the different things that you can cook in the rice cooker. I think everyone should have one. lol You just put in the water and rice and let it go. Can't get any better than that
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