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Nanaimo Bars-A Decadent, No-Bake, Fun to Make...

I came across this chocolate/coconut/powdered sugary, scrumptious dessert while I was looking for a no-bake cookie recipe with my 8 year old recently.  Nanaimo bars are entertaining to make because they include three layers that make them look impressive, at least by our standards, and because they have assorted fun-to-eat ingredients that you can sample while making them.  They're also easy to make which is always a plus.  We left out a few ingredients that we didn't have on hand such as vanilla custard powder (I've never heard of this.) and walnuts and they still came out great.  We made the Nanaimo Bars I recipe, but there are three different Nanaimo bar recipes listed on the site.  They're all fairly similar.  If you decide to make these, I'd use the recipe that comes closest to having ingredients that you already have available.  If you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy this treat!     

Chantelle R.
I LOVE Nanaimo Bars! I lived in Alberta, Canada for a little while and we had them there all the time - my favorite flavor was the mint chocolate variety... yummy!
Donna P.
Sounds easy and delicious. Custard powder is a product used in Europe/mostly Britian, to make custard/pudding.
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