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Natural Cleaner & Disinfectant: Vinegar: A Million...

I was in the market for more natural cleaners and I came across lists of the many ways you can use plain old vinegar to naturally clean your house.  Even Martha Stewart extols the ecofriendly benefits of vinegar.  Who would have thought?  Check out this long list of uses of vinegar.  Buy the big jugs of it and keep it under your sink!

One I never knew:

Kill grass:
To kill grass on sidewalks and driveways, pour full strength white distilled vinegar on it.

Thomasina A.
Thank you
Paul P.
Thank You
Lillie R.
Vinegar is also good to help remove dead skin cells from the body while taking a shower or bath.
Candy R.
Love the Shaklee products...have used them for over 40 years!
Kate T.
If you are looking for natural cleaners, check out Shaklee. They have laundry, dish, floors, etc. etc.
Irma J.
Use a small amount of vingegar with water to clean your tile floors. It makes them shine. Just use a small amount.
Tammy K.
Mixed w/Baking Soda-it unclogs sinks! Pour Baking Soda in sink drain then pour in the vinegar. Flush w/hot water.
Heather C.
I have such hard water and glass shower doors so I spray white vinegar on the doors, wait a few minutes and scrub. It breaks down the calcium build up. Also if you have a ring in your toilet, at night you turn the water off in your toliet, then flush so it is mostly empty. Pour vinegar into the bowl up to the stain and let it set all night. When you wake up you can effortlessly remove ring with one swish of the bowl brush. Works like a charm. No soap needed.
My mom runs vinegar through her coffee pots to clean them. It works, but it stinks up the house!
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