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Natural Crib Mattress

If you are on the market for a crib mattress, seriously consider purchasing a natural crib mattress or an organic crib mattress. 

The cover of a mattress is typically made from cotton.  More pesticides are used on cotton crops than any other crop in the world!   The pesticedes used on cotton have ingredients that are known human carcinogens, and those chemicals don't magically dissapear when the cotton is harvested and used to make fabric.  So, purchasing a natural crib mattress that's made with 100% organic cotton is a great idea. 

All mattresses are also required to have a fire barrier. Look for a natural mattress that does not use chemicals in the creation of that fire barrier.  Companies that are creating eco friendly mattresses are now using wool as a fire barrier - wool is eco friendly and naturally very fire resistant.   

If you are purchasing a crib mattress that has springs, look for one that uses recycled steel for the springs.  You'll be providing your baby with a healthy crib mattress that is also good for the environment and will be well-made enough that you can use it for future children.  

For an example of a great natural crib mattress, check out the organic crib mattress made by Pixel Organics. They are a 90-year old company based in California that specilizes in eco friendly and organic products.  

The fact that they are producing the mattresses in the United States is another eco friendly selling point - the less distance that a product has to travel to reach your front door, the better!  

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