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Natural, Inexpensive Home Remedy for Morning Sickness...

I had constant nausea for the first two trimesters while pregnant with my twin sons. It was terrible! While I didn't actually get sick often, I constantly felt like I was going to toss my cookies.

One thing helped me immensely with this...

Sour candies! I don't know why these worked, but they were amazing. I eventually found sugar-free sour candies b/c I felt so much better when I just had one in my mouth (and I wanted to make sure my teeth weren't rotting as I ate these constantly) 

Other things that helped: nibbling constantly during the day rather than eating large meals, staying hydrated, a ginger candy once in a while, and getting lots of fresh air on work breaks.

These tips helped my girlfriends immensely when they werre pregnant. I hope it helps you, too!

Please let me know if this tip helps.

Rebecca F.
My sister discovered the same thing! When I was pregnant sour juice like yellow grapefruit juice was my favorite. The sour candies they have now create the same effect with less calories. It has something to do with the citric / asetic balance in your tummy.
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